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This listing is for the larger 12 inch (30cm) frame. If you're looking for the smaller 8 inch (20cm frame), please see our other listing.

This version of our family tree has been created in stunning contemporary silver and blush pink colours. What's more, you have the choice of with or without embellishments and can even pick the frame colour. Here's how it works....

Available in grey or white. Our frames are top quality deep box frames with glass fronts and a small border, manufactured in the UK. The frames have a fixing on the back to hang on the wall and are intended to be wall hung. However, as they are deep frames you can stand them on a surface too, although there is no back prop, you simply place them on the surface. 

The tree is painted in a silver colour and fixed to a textured blush pink backing. You may select the embellished version which has butterflies and flowers, or the none embellished version which is just the tree and hearts. Hearts are all white and names are handwritten. The big heart top right can have a family name, or maybe Our Family, My Family. We cannot accommodate messages of any more than 4 words.

The large tree can accommodate up to 25 names placed one after the other in the order you list them, or 20 names if you wish us to lay out in generations.

If you want the names placed in generations we ask you to tell us the names for the person or people at the top of the tree. We then ask for their children and partners. We next need to know the grandchildren, if you want them underneath parents (as much as is possible) you must tell us who the parents are. Finally, great grandchildren, again we need to know who the parents are. Please use commas so we know if any names are double barrelled.

Here's an example...

Top of the tree: Alice, Geoff.
Alice and Geoff's children and partners: Michelle, (partner John), Amy (partner Suze).
The grandchildren: Olivia Grace, (Michelle's daughter) and Paul, (Olivia Grace's partner). Then Amy's children are: Talia, Ashlene, Kaiden (Kaiden is Ashlene's partner), Roberta.
Great grandchildren: Romeo (Ashlene's son)
We work with the oldest generation at the top and youngest at the bottom, if you want it a different way please contact us. We take spellings as you write them, if you have any hyphenated names, or double names you MUST make it clear they are one by ensuring you use commas appropriately.

If you would like the security of knowing your instructions were clear, or seeing how we have chosen to place the names, you can purchase our service that offers a photo proof before we glue down, also available to purchase on the site.

Please ensure you are clear on who is the parent of who, we cannot take responsibility for misinterpretation if instructions are not clear. Please ensure spellings are correct as mistakes cannot be rectified once the tree has been made. Please be aware that whilst we try to place children directly beneath parents, if one person has a lot of children, this is not always possible. However, with many years making these trees in the hundreds, if not thousands, we are skilled at grouping suitably. Name hearts can only accommodate first names, whilst we will work to fit on hyphenated names, we do not fit surnames or dates or other information on the hearts.

This is an ornamental item and, as such, not suitable for under 3s.


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Large 30cm Framed Blush Pink And Silver Family Tree

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