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20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging
20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging
20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging
20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging
20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging
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This listing is for a 20cm floral hoop decorated with pretty paper flowers. The design is also available in a 30cm size on our website here  plus in other designs see here and even bigger hoops.

The hoop is intended to accommodate a first name only. However, should you detail a double-barrelled name or 2 names, you must leave us to decide how the name best fits, based on the best design for strength and security, this could include using 2 lines, or staggering the lines. Names or phrases of more than 2 words can only be accommodated on the bigger size hoops.

Flowers. Please note that we use literally hundreds of flower styles, the images show a selection of those available only. All are pretty, paper flowers that compliment the hoop. When using the floral design with lights, very occasionally, you may see the smallest part of the battery pack if the flowers are smaller. However to minimise this we use the smallest battery packs we can find. When selecting flower choice you are selecting the dominant or main theme colour, so for example 'pink' will also have a secondary colour mixed in to break up the pink. White may have cream mixed in. We create hundreds of these hoops and are happy to add in a little greenery to make the hoop prettier if we think it needs it. You can however opt for none if you prefer. If you request a copy of one already shown in the 'anything else' box we will accommodate as best as we can, based on the flowers in stock at the time. Highly specific requests such as 'Tulips, Lily of the Valley and daffodils' cannot usually be met, 'pink roses or similar if possible' can usually be met.

Colour of hoop. You may select from a variety of colours, our dusky pink is also referred to by some as rose gold (see Sophia, Grace or Lucie for an example).  For customers selecting gold or silver....please note that when gold and silver are used on MDF they create a mat finish, not a shiny mirrored one.

Lights. We have twisted LED lights around some of our hoops. You may choose to have  the hoop without the lights, or purchase a set which will include free complimentary batteries, these can easily be replaced when they run down. If you opt for lights they are included in the parcel for you to use as you wish. If you do  choose to wrap them around the hoop care must be taken. Wrapping is easy with care and time, but we cannot be held accountable for any damage incurred by your handling of the product. If you prefer to, for a small extra charge we will wrap them for you, then simply peel the backing from the sticky pad and attach the battery pack behind the flowers when you are ready to display.

Please check and if needed tighten the ribbon before hanging. When hanging this product ensure it is secure and out of reach of small children and babies. Decorated to view from the front only, the back of the hoop is not intended to be seen.

Ornamental product and not a toy, no 0 to 3's. Item to be kept out of reach of young children/babies, and always ensure hanging material is secure. Product contains small components that could cause a risk of choking and materials that could pose a risk of strangulation if left near small children or babies.

Make Time This product is handmade by our small team and is a TOP SELLER and make time is around 2 weeks, we have had countless responses from customers that the item was worth the wait for them, regrettably handmaking each piece, we cannot do this any faster.


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Typical make time on a handmade product is 10 to 14 days, unless stated otherwise within the description. 'Returns are welcomed on none personalised and/or none customised items (subject to the following of our returns procedure), but cannot be accepted on personalised/customised pieces. Please see our returns policy for full details.

20cm Floral Hoop. Bedroom Door Sign (add lights) Wall Hanging

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